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  • Ae Neuman


    title shoud be drive indifferently.

    the montecarlo/scorpion s1 is a beautiful looking car but was a donkey to drive, especially in us form.

    poor suspension setup, a puny 80bhp and bad brakes do not a fun car make.

    the s2 was much improved.

  • Leucea Alexandru


    Beautiful car. With a beautiful name. Just picture somebody asking you what are you driving. And the answer will be something like: "A Montecarlo. A Lancia Montecarlo". Awesome. A pretty rare car, i was fortunate to spot one two years ago in my neighborhood. She was in a good condition, with the original rims and she sat next to a Ferrari 400i. Now that's something you don't see everyday.

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  • Alan Franklin


    Interesting parking mates.

    Over here in the US people would just assume you didn't know how to pronounce "Chevy" if you told them you drove a Monte Carlo.

  • Pete Jones


    Wow, I had Monte. 1978 Series 1. It was a lot of fun and a lot of trouble. I had some great fun in it. So nice to see one again, sadly not in the flesh. A great car with so much potential. If only Lancia would reintroduce it..037 in Carbon fibre..mmmmmmmm