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  • UncleWalty

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    99.09% of people with time and money have zero balls or imagination. I applaud these wealthy few who have the stones to pull of something insane like this. An incredible adventure, no doubt. Well played, gentlemen.

  • mattdogg02

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    Awesome... and the stories you'd be able to tell

  • Loren Cocking

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    UncleWalty - Thanks for the kind comments; it was, indeed, a magnificent adventure (albeit the most difficult thing I've ever done)! But just a point to set the record straight: not all of us were wealthy. Some of us were average folks who simply love old cars, enjoy seeing exotic places and simply wanted to do something grand with our lives.
    Loren (Car 7 - Peking to Paris, 2013)

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    from Vancouver, BC, Canada