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  • Jim Bair

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    Great feature on two great cars, owned by one true enthusiast. Superb photography as well. Thanks, Drew, for all you do at MotoringConBrio.com - easily one of my favorite web destinations (along with Petrolicious!).


    from Denver, CO, USA
  • Vince B

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    Love the cars Drew - and while I knew you had an E28 M5 from your website, I missed the E36 M3 (another one of my favorites!). Great cars, good article and I always enjoy the "grab bag of stuff we like." Keep up the great work and tell me when you want to sell that E28....
    Vince @ Dailyturismo.com

  • Matthew

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    Wonderful article and very timely too as I've been considering one of these two cars as my next car! I have a son and another on the way and I think this might have pushed me over the edge for the E36 seeing as how Drew has one (maybe two) car seats in the back of it. Funny how such similar taste we have, I even have the same Stig family decal!

  • Saud Qureshi

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    Living in Dubai, you don't see classics like these very often. However, I saw a NA-spec E28 M5 a few months ago. In spite of the giant bumpers and being quite small by today's standards, it had so much presence. The M5 is definitely a keeper. Enjoy it in good health Drew!

  • Justin Owens

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    What a beautiful pair! I'm currently about to part with my e36 M3 coupe (if only I'd found a sedan!), and my dad had an e28M while I was growing up, so I have an extra special love for both these cars. Congrats on the great piece, photography, and love of some of the best all-rounders BMW ever made!

  • I am not from NYC but I am amazed that someone could look at either of these beauties and be disgusted! Really?!

  • Jason Birkett

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    Two great cars, and gorgeous pictures, thanks for sharing. I'm in the same boat with the convenience factor having a young daughter myself.

    After spending my first 6 months with my first bmw, (an '87 e30 sedan) I could see either of these cars in my upgrade path. Keep the 4 door classics alive for us family guys!

    from Minneapolis, MN, USA
  • Ryan McLaughlin

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    Hey Drew. Huge fan of the site. Wondering how many miles you've logged on the E36? It looks fantastic. Just curious.