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  • CJ David

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    Absolutely awesome story, and I'm glad that Suzy is in good hands.

  • Shane Elliott

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    Can't help but smile at a story like this.

  • Josh Clason

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    Great story, it makes me smile.

  • Paul Bubel

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    Heh. My story mirrors yours.

    I bought my ZX at 16 for $1400. Silver, with a very un-80s silver and black interior color combo. I was a merciless teenager. Dirt roads, spotty maintenance and hoonage galore. I loved that car, I still do I guess. To this day it is still the toughest vehicle I've run across. It had no working AC but always ran like a top and I thought nothing about spending 5 hours on the road with her barreling down the two lanes on my way to nowhere. She was cosmetically pristine save for a rust spot on the leading edge of the hood and I made great effort to keep her that way. She towed a Bronco II, got stuck on the beach, went mudding more than once, drove me to my first post-college interview and I was even autocrossing the sucker when she was at 325,000 miles. I injested water through the intake during a torrential downpour a couple of weeks before graduation, towed her back to my parents and put her under a cover.

    When my parents decided they wanted the space back some years later I had to let her go. 16 years I owned that car, and I'm so glad I did.

    The day I sold it:

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  • Chris Abbott

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    Love the story too. Very similar to myself. I was 19 and bought a 71 240Z with severe cancer. Did my best to keep it, tried to fix it and failed. Too much rot, too much money.