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  • Dustin Rittle

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    I for one have always loved the Amphicar. Im not really sure why but i do its got alot going for it. Its cute, quirky and unlike many other cars out there its also a boat!! Not a very good car or boat but it is both something you dont see everyday. Also it was a decent piece of engineering at the time and i think that alone makes it something worth having in a collection

  • Mark B. Morrow

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    When I was in grade school in the late 1960s the father of one of my classmates had an Amphicar that he would drive to uor school. The amphicar was fascinating to a natural born car fanatic like me. It was amazing to have the driver explain that he couls drive the car right into the river and use it as a boat. I never got the chance to ride in it, much less go out on the water but I thought it was the coolect thing.

    I later talkes with an Amphicar owner and learned that it was the automotive equivalent of the Spork, that strange utensil KFS used to include in its meal boxes that was a combination of spoon and fork. The Spork wasn't a good spoon ot a good fork, much like the Amphicar wasn't a good car or a good boat.

    It's still one of my favorite automotive oddities.

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    from Pittsburgh, PA, USA
  • Mike Israel

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    As an Amphicar owner, I can assure you that many of them are still used regularly in the water. They are surprisingly seaworthy. They indeed draw attention like no other vehicle.

    Lots of information available the amphicar forums:

  • Alec DeJovani

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    Do you find the maintenance required of sea-going Amphicars to be difficult or easy enough and worth it?

  • Peter Muller

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    Nice, I was able to witness an Amphicar meeting at the Lago Maggiore in Italy some Years ago. Seeing at least a dozen of them driving as well as swimming really is a rather impressive sight.

  • Gianni Burrows

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    When I was a kid, a family down the street had a light blue one with Pepsi stickers on the side. If i remember right they owned the Pepsi distributor for our town. Not sure if the car itself was connected with the 1968 Pepsi commercial that showed an Amphicar driving into a lake at 50 mph or if they were inspired to put them on because of it.