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  • Leucea Alexandru

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    For me, the S800 is the one to have, but this is also a great car. Soichiro Honda was indeed a genius, and his story is both impressive and touching, and it is proof that nothing is impossible as long as you try hard enough, you are committed to your goals and you believe in yourself. Decades from its establishment, Honda offers some of the most reliable, economical and balanced cars on the market. It offers Soichiro Honda's legacy.

  • Andre C Hulstaert

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    I loved these cars although tiny. The sound they made at 9500 was music. At one point I almost bought a fastback, a 1966 Mustang in miniature. But had to let it go as I did not fit (I'm 6'2) Talking about tiny ! I could get behind the wheel, after some contortionism but changing gears of de-clutching was something else, the seeringwheel was in the way for my knees. And, to get out, I first had to bend my head with my chin firmly against my chest and then let me fall out so that I could literally crawl out on hands and knees, hardly elegant, let practical. Needles to say, I did not buy it.

  • Kuroneko

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    The Coupe has a slightly taller roof, and provided you change the steering wheel, and ensure the seat is bolted into its rear mounting holes, those up to just over six feet can fit comfortably inside. Six foot two though, and it would be an unpleasant squeeze!

    The sound indeed though is stupendous - my S800 happily revs to 9500, and at which it is certifiably addictive... Neko.

  • Andreas Lavesson

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    I've always loved Honda and always will be and the reason is this kind of beautiful engineering. Although modern day Hondas might not make you jump up and down out of pure joy, like this one, they are still very well engineered.

  • WhatDaFunk

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    I've never driven a Honda this old, but if the transmission is anything like that on my '91 Civic it must be brilliant. Crisp, precise, and with just the right amount of throw, one of the best manual transmissions in any car I've ever driven.

  • Alan Franklin

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    You sir, have just described every Honda manual transmission ever.