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  • Stephen Granger

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    who is this guy and what is the name of his shop?

    from Round Rock, TX, USA
  • Afshin Behnia

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    Stephen, the owner is a super-nice genuine enthusiasts who prefers to keep a low profile. He's active in the BMW community and boards, but he has asked us to respect his privacy and not disclose his details.

  • Jim Bair

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    As a long time BMW enthusiast, and one who is also drawn to the vintage cars, I have to send out huge props to the owner's opening remarks about this car community. You are initially drawn in because of the cars - you grow to love it because of the people. A great ambassador of this open, friendly, helpful mindset. And oh yeah - he has some great cars, too!


  • Josh Clason

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    When I bought my 2002 it was the first car I owned that I felt part of an actual community.

  • Devin Christiansen

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    I believe I saw the green B7 at european car meet at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah. Best looking car there.

  • Maximilian Groß

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    Inspiring footage! When i was 16 i saw my first 2002 Touring in the streets of my hometown. An orange one. Looked fantastic to me. I was wandering around it for about 5 minutes, just adoring it. Moments later somebody was screaming in the distance .. actually it was the owner hanging out of his houses window asking me whether i'd like to buy the car... i was heartbroken because a) it was a really good offer and b) obviously i didn't have the money at the age of 16 but i swore an oath to never decline such an offer again ;)

    from Hamburg, Germany
  • Rob Davis

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    The b10 alpina has newer wheels from the time it was built because of the locking hubcaps in the center of the wheels. Just a minor critique . I started collecting bmw,s In 1980, I have over 30 bmw,s over the years. I kept wheeling and dealing for better cars over the years. I have owned a 320i, 15 Bavarias, 1 2800cs, 10 3.0cs, 1 3.0csi, 1 740i, and I currently own a euro 633csi 1980 and 1973 3.0cs with 3 sidedraft webers . Talk about brand loyalty . If one is interested you can google alpina company in Germany and they have photos of all their great early cars on .their site. P.S. I have never owned a 2002, I just love the 6 cylinders. Thanks for the great videos!

  • Fredrik Ekroth

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    I must have watched this film more than 20 times by now! :-) Because it is good of course and the owner seems really nice! But also because I am happy to have a B7 of my own. The sad thing about having a car that is as unusual like these ones is that you NEVER find any articles about them in magazines or so, it takes years between them. So watching this and seeing them in action is like medicine for my soul! Thank you! :-)
    And I would like to make some corrections too. The B7S Coupé was made in 30 ex of which I think 13 are known today.
    The Alpinawheels with cap came in 1987 and this B10 was delivered in april -87 so I think it actually had wheels with caps from new. BUT those first-generation wheels had a small "edge" for putting balancingweights on. The B10 though has newer wheels though without this "edge", and that came in 1988 just one year later. I know this because my car has the early wheel w cap. :-)
    If you want to learn about Alpinas I warmly recommend the registry Alpina-archive.

    Have a nice time guys! :-)

    from Sweden
  • Patricio Leighton

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    I'm looking for an original engine for my E12 Alpina B7 Turbo. Would it be possible to ask Stephen if he happens to have one or if he knows a shop or somebody who might help me with that search? Regards.