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Book Review: McQueen's Machines

by Benjamin Shahrabani / 13 Jun 2014


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  • Andre L Hulstaert


    While driving down Melrose Blvd in LA during the later 70's I saw one of those Jaguar XKSS's like the one Steve McQueen was fortunate to have. I could not resist and took a few shots ( http://wp.me/P30bdG-1x3 ) I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures, but, bear in mind: these are scans from 35 year + old negatives.
    There is an ongoing debate whether the one pictures is a real one or a replica, personally I do not know nor claim it to be either. One thing is for sure, with what I know now, I would have taken tons of pictures, also detail ones.

  • Matthew Lange


    Cool pics but no question it is a replica. Aside from a number of detail differences the obvious give away is that it is left hand drive. All 16 original XK SS' were Right hand drive as they were based on the right hand drive D type racer.

  • Guest (mike)


    His quote about religion is so parsed-down and beautiful that I actually have goosebumps as I write this. Just awesome.

  • Guest (Robert)


    I received this book as a gift (insisted on by me;) ) when it first came out. I'm a huge McQueen fan and the book definitely delivers. It's one of my favorite coffee table books. I can always thumb through the pages as it never gets old.