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  • rem83


    I'm a a bit curious about the 2000 XKR coupe listed as a "5 spd manual" - I've heard the conversion has been done, might be interesting if it's not a listing error.

  • Matthew Lange


    The Jaguar Mk2 3.8 Manual with 25,000 miles on it sounds interesting!

  • Andre C Hulstaert


    For me, being a "Jaguarista" (I know an Italian term for a British car. . . but it sounds better). For me it is the MK II. I had three of them in succession and used them as daily drivers. One of them was even a 1959 pre-prodction as the model came out only in 1960. They were lovely cars and I enjoyed them a lot. They started the trend of sports sedan taken up later, and with great success by BMW.
    The dash was rich and full with a row of tumbler switches, not unlike the switches on in my Maserati Ghibly. They were a joy to drive ad had an electric overdrive which was finicky if there was the slightest impurity in the gearbox oil. The engine was a typical long stroke as most British were. Thus it was not so lively but smooth as butter. When taken some time to synchronize the two SU carburetors, I managed an idle of only 300 rpm !! Aside from the enormous torque of the V12 there was no noticeable difference in the smoothness. Another thing of the period was the climate control, or rather lack thereof. The heater was OK, but it was next to impossible to cool the interior on a sunny day. Also those chrome spoke wheels look fantastic but are quite a chore to clean.
    I attach here some pictures and a link to some more on my site http://www.hulstaertphoto.us/jaguar-mk-ii/
    Enjoy !

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    from Sacramento, CA, USA
  • Ryan Sarkar


    I've been staring at the cars for a number of the past few days. I still think it's incredible to find such wonderful car collections in small town Alberta. I particularly have soft spot for the '73 Datsun.