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  • Matthew Lange

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    Have to agree with WolfTrax that there not the most comparable of cars, but that doesn't stop it from being a question to be asked. I'd pick the Maserati of the two as it's the sportier drive. As to Facel Vega's I prefer that looks of the later Facel III.

  • Niklaus Gingro

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    Maserati hands down. That thing just looks so sharp, from the wire wheels to that sloping rear window, to that big trident up front - it's a winner for sure.

  • Adam Holter

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    Vega for me. Why? Because Hemi. Even its not the top-dog 413 or later (and totally different casting) 426 hemi, the 392 hemi is no slouch. 360hp, I believe? That will cover the miles rather effortlessly, I;d say.

  • Paul Thompson

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    It would be the Facel Vega for me the HK500 is a fabulous car in the flesh, and endorsed by Sterling Moss in its day.

    I spotted this car at the weekend a HK500 with a 'Zagato' body http://twitpic.com/co6wen an amazing creation.

  • Alan Franklin

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    Wow, that's certainly distinctive. 575 HP!

  • Andre C Hulstaert

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    Although not the same "kettle of fish" I would prefer the Facel hands down. I do not particularly like the rear-end styling of the Maserati. And the Facel had a Chrysler V8 which detracts from its thoroughbred status but add to the reliability. Brute reliable force against refinement in the Maserati.

  • Jan Christian

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  • Andreas Lavesson

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    Although I'm a big fan of French coachbuilt cars, I tend to like the older ones more. Don't get me wrong, the FV is one beautiful car and while I'd prefer the later HK500 with stacked headlights (I know the lower ones are aux), this earlier model is still very good looking. Also, you've just got to love the sound and torque of a Chrysler Hemi.

    However, Maserati is one of my absolute favoritete brands and the 50's-60's coupes are my favoritete type of Maserati and Touring is one of my favoritete coachbuilders and I absolutely love the sound of a straight six. Pair that with a little sportier pretensions and the choice is obvious. I'd have to go for the Maserati.

  • Louis Devineau

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    Tough one. The Maserati is by far the prettiest , but it's also a more obvious choice. If the Facel Vega was the HK500 and not the FV, I'd go for the Facel, but between these two I'd have the Maserati.

  • Jarod A

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    Definitely Maserati, the 3500 GT is my absolute favourite car. A piece of excellence.