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  • Ryan Lopez

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    camaro only because that is an ugly mustang and it most likely makes more power
    the mustang is like a kardashin and the camaro is a hard beer that will kick you in the ass

  • Sid Widmer

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    That is a tough choice. I love Shelby Mustangs in all flavors but think the '68 Shelby's facia is a little award looking while the 1st gen Camaro & Firebirds are one of the cleanest designs in the history of muscle cars, Especially the '67-'68. I like my muscle cars to be scrappy and minimalist so ignoring the orange paint, I would lean toward the Camaro. Although, with a little de-blinging I would be happy to drive the Shelby.....

  • Leucea Alexandru

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    Although i am a convinced European car lover, i am also into various Japanese cars and few American cars, and the Mustang stands out above any other muscle car, just because it is astonishingly beautiful. Take a look at the Fastback for example, the Shelby or the Boss, they were all brilliant. In every way. I am aware that American Muscle cars are various and there is a rich automotive culture cultivated in people's hearts for decades, but the Mustang seems to be the flagship of them all. Sorry Chevy, but i'll climb into the Mustang not only on this one, but on any American Muscle car versus 'till the end of time.

  • Craig Brooks

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    sadly both handle like cats on freshly waxed floors on anything but a straight line...so based on looks alone I would have the camaro...

  • Brett Evans

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    Mustang for the money, for sure. I guess if money were no object, I'd consider the Camaro, although I really like the sharknose of the Mustang and the fantastic-ugly wood interior, haha. It'd just be very hard to say no to the performance and sleeper aspect of the Camaro. It'd be fun to dust a new Porsche in a car that looks about as mean as a Chevy Biscayne.

  • Rip Curl

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    The moment the word 'replica' comes up my interest dies to zero in an instant. To my mind replicas are worthless and I would rather drive a real Toyota Corolla than any of these cars. That said 'if' the cars were the real deal I would go for the Camaro based purely on looks.

  • Andreas Lavesson

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    Short answer: After much consideration, I'd go for the Mustang.

    Long answer: For the first time in a versus, I am just about unable to choose. I know that's a dull answer, but I'm afraid it's the truth. My cravings for cars tend to vary greatly and at this moment, I'm yearning more for classic European sports cars, but I've had quite a few muscle car periods and I really know what I want. Sadly though, both of these are on the list (albeit preferably the real deal).

    I've always loved the first gen Camaro since the first time I saw it and while Z/28 is more my thing, you can't go wrong with a whooping big 427. However, the same goes for Mustangs. I like all versions of the first gen, and I like the Shelbys even more. With that 428 PI, I bet it's got some serious get-up-and-go. That front fascia is absolutely awesome. However, at this point in time I'd rather go for the mpowerfulfull stripper version, aka. the Camaro. Or so I though, until I looked at picturesrues. There's just something about the Mustang that grabs my attention more.

  • LilBastard

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    Ok, I was surprised to see so many commenters leaning to the Camaro--until I looked at the "detail" eBay ads--
    I had a '69 Camaro and would have happily traded it for a fastback Shelby--or Boss 302--
    On looks alone.
    Then I see the interiors and the underside of theses two specific cars---
    Yeah-- the Camaro hands down.
    Looks like the Mustang guy did the easy stuff where the Camaro guy did it all.
    Sometimes genes just aren't enough.

  • John Harvi

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    It has to be the Camaro every time. Much nicer car for me. I'd prefer a 68 but any would be welcome on my drive!

    from Stockport, UK