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Classic, Emissions-Era Porsche is a Deal

by Petrolicious Productions / 23 Jun 2014


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  • Doug Miller

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    That is a LOT of $ for a 2.7-liter Targa. 2.7s are among the least-loved, most problematic engines of the so-called "impact bumper" cars. I have heard many people say the 2.7s need to be rebuilt every 60k miles or so. I see no mention of engine work in the ad, so the clock could be ticking. The 3.0s in the later SCs & the 3.2s are bullet-proof. Also, Targas typically command lower prices than Coupes. Finally, for most, the color is likely a negative.

    I would prefer an SC Coupe with more miles to this car.

    One guy's opinion, FWIW.

  • adrian

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    WARNING. This is the same car thats been on ebay, is allegedly in Illinois with a dealer.