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  • Zippy Gordon

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    I don't think I'd feel comfortable driving one myself, but I think the world is a better place because of the 2CV.

  • Terrence Dorsey

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    Whenever you see a 2CV, you're sure to find an interesting owner alongside.

  • Christopher Gay

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    Nice story. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jim Bair

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    Didn't Richard Dreyfuss' character ("Ritchie" I think) in the movie "American Graffiti" drive a 2CV? It was left overnight in the corner of Mel's Drive In's parking lot while the night of high jinx ensued. Can anyone say "Phay-roh?" ;)

  • jojo Alfa

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    My first car was a 1980 2CV 6 (600cc), pistachio color. One time I had a bad alternator and the car wouldn't crank, but luckily with the 2CV's tire iron is used to wind the engine........so I used the winder until the alternator was fixed. People had a blast everytime I started the car winding it from the front hood side of the car. I always miss it!!

  • I'm kind of tickled by the idea of modern Californian teenagers learning the art of 2CV gear shifting and momentum preservation :)

    The car's front looks a bit low, though- was it lowered on purpose, and, if so, how do you do that without pulling the back down by the same amount?