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  • Michael Squeo

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    OMG - What a sound. (Is that an Alfa T-shirt you're wearing?) - Eddie Relvas is right about the sound coming out of a good six. Nothing better and makes my Alfa/Ansa combo sound barely ok. The Z just sings. Well done Dave!

  • Richard Goldstein

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    Dave, thank you on several fronts. First for taking custody of such a landmark vehicle and showing it the TLC but also driving it. I am glad it is not a 100% stock Concours restoration with better paintwork then it had originally. Love that lump. Webber carbs, kick ass exhaust, upgraded suspension. The whole magila. Secondly, I had a 1970 in 77 at the ripe age of 16. 18 months later I drove off the road the in the wee hours of the morning of Thanksgiving after nodding off on my way home from hanging out with the crowd and watching Cheech and Chongs, Up in Smoke. (Enough said there) I hit a stone wall, a telephone pole, rolled the car back onto the road and came to a stop completely inverted. The engine was still running. Not a scratch on me. The frame of that car was totally rusted out. Not much left. You brought back a lot of memories and reminded how much better that car was then brand new 911s, Pontiac Trans Ams, Z-28s, Jags, etc. of the day. Absolutely obliterated 2002s of all vintages! Went like stink (over 120) got over 25 mpg and saved my sorry ass from extinction. I loved that car more than my first two girlfriends and now almost 40 years later the curves and lines have held up much better than theirs. Although its only real short coming was it could not substitute for a motel room . Had to lift the hatch for that and hang ones legs out and hope the hydraulic cylinder didn't fail. Ahhhh, good times. I still have the horn button and a set of keys. Thanks.

  • Veinticuatro Kilates

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    Beautiful!!! in ten years I will drive my 300ZX TT with the same pride as these as timeless classics

  • Brian May

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    This video came out on my 44th birthday. Prior to that day, I had previously owned five different Z's. The most recently sold was a very modified 350Z roadster. Ever since selling the roadster in July, I felt like I sold off a very essential part of my soul. A Z owner is very different from many other car enthusiasts. The Z isn't the fastest but it holds a spirit that the designer successfully carried through the design. That spirit transfers to the owner. Dave does a great job talking about his one-on-one bond with the car. All of these do a great job describing this spirit.

    Two weeks after seeing this video, my determination to finally get a clean classic Z paid off when I came across a red '77 280Z. The previous owner passed away a few weeks earlier and his estate was being settled by his daughter. I picked up the car for a really low price and brought it home to begin restoration and light modification. Dave's 240Z video and Petrolicious' website have stirred my soul again. I'm happy to be in a Z again and I won't ever be selling her. It is a pleasure to carry on the previous owner's passion. Going through the Chilton's manual found under the seat has handwritten notes and receipts in it from the previous owner. It's like he was writing messages to be read by the next owner. Perhaps he knew he would die but wanted his baby to be well cared for. Someday, my time will come too. Until then, I will make my notes in the same Chilton's manual. Maybe one day, after I am gone, another Z owner will read my notes and the spirit of the Z will capture him or her like it has with me and the other previous owner. Dave, if you read this, please consider bringing your Z to ZdayZ in May 2014. See www.ZdayZ.com for details.

  • David Bailey

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    I would love one with the same specification. Sounds amazing.

  • Jim Ritz

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    This Z is the inspiration for the Z I'm rebuilding! Does anyone know what size wheels and offset he is using? I really think it looks good on his car!

  • Guest (niko)

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    anyone knows what the soundtrack is? :(

  • Guest (Dave)

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    I had a neighbor had a silver 71 240z, he would start his car up in the garage next to ours and all my friends would say what the hell is that. Long story short this guy had a Ensenada special, the camshaft he had made for his car was called a "Chico Grind" not sure what other mods were done other than the obvious header pipe and exhaust. Once a year this guy would go to Ensenada to stretch the legs on the old Datsun, and for those that know Baja and highway 1 you don't know what your missing... Stories of 140mph runs emanated from that garage every time he drove to work, or made a milk run to the store. :o

    from Oakland, CA, USA
  • Guest (Arturo Mendoza)

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    Anyone know what type of airdam is on that Z... would like to get one.



  • Guest (Antonio)

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    i just wanted to say that this video has inpired in me a love for the car. Just how did you get it to sound that way? Thanks for creating an obsession!