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  • Dan Woodward

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    Period car audio really makes an interior. From vintage Blaupunkt and Becker to retro Alpine kit, I love it all.

    Sadly my CX has been hacked about to fit larger speakers etc, so I decided to go the other way and modernise it with a custom iphone mount which is great for music/navigation/charging. Just want to find a nicer looking head`unit with full ipod control/30 pin connector now.

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  • Alan Franklin

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    Amazing car, Dan. Thanks for sharing.

  • Gianni Burrows

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    I used to really like the look of a vintage unit in a vintage car vs. the modern digital stuff, but I find I kind of lean towards no radio and an uncut dash these days. I think the 105/115 Alfa GTV dash looks especially good with uncut veneer and unhacked door cards/parcel shelf.

  • Chris Macha

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    But where can the Blaupunkts be repaired? I have several but FM does not work. And finding US Frankfurts with 108 FM scale and Stereo is much harder. Any advice? Thank you.

  • Kuroneko

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    > with many sellers offering optional wired-in MP3 compatibility via a small jack that can be easily and inconspicuously concealed out of sight
    The important point here being such input capabilities are native to many Becker & Blaupunkt radio of the period - simply check rear panel for DIN socket. Which makes for even easier installation... The radios can be purchased independently, and the DIN to MP3 input cable / adapters equally easy to source for ten dollars or so, or self-made if so inclined... The Benz fascia versions being particularly attractive! Neko.

  • Inigo Loy Colmenar

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    I collect various generations of Blaupunkt Berlin and its accesories plus Canton Pullman speakers because I think those two are the period correct brands for 80s euro cars.