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  • Guest (Ronnie M)

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    I think it's the link in design language to the earlier Ferrari prototype cars that attracts me to the Dino. That and it's a car that is more focused on drivability than sheer power.

  • Matthew Lange

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    As usual with Ferrari it is not straightforward to claim that the Dino is a Fioravanti design. He was in charge of the Ferrari account with Pininfarina at the time but one of their other designers of the time, Aldo Brovarone, also describes the Dino as his greatest achievement. http://www.ferrarichat.com/forum/206-246/398533-aldo-brovarone-interview-octane-mag.html I suspect that probably both men worked on the design.

  • Yoav Gilad

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    Hey Matthew, it is usually convoluted and far from straight-forward who actually penned the design; however as Fioravanti was the manager, he has the ultimate responsibility. Regardless of who actually designed it, the 206/246 GT still always surprises me as a very conservative, slightly disappointing, yet attractive form.

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  • Guest (Artur Lara)

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    I always loved the design of the Dino.. I believe where many modern sports cars go wrong, is because they depart from what i believe to be one of the greatest designs both visually and mechanically for a sports car. there is no wasted space with this car. everything on the car shows how engineers were concerned with italian beauty, functionality, and purpose. the front fenders wrap around those front tires so you get a nice wheel arch. there is a curviness to the whole car, like that of a sexy woman. the air scoop behind the door takes in air to the mid engine that powers the rear wheels. there are no rear seats here. the driver is wrapped in italian leather seats with the bare minimum, a gated stick shift and a 3 spoke ferrari wheel.

  • Jeff S

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    Always have loved the shape of the Dino and I see a similar side view on the the significantly larger Cayman of today. The Caymans are quite affordable...

  • Guest (Wim)

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    Although I do like the shape of the Dino, in my opinion Fioravanti's real masterpiece was the Dino's successor : the gorgeous 308. The sharp wedge nose with pop-up headlights looks so much better than the somewhat weak nose section of the Dino. That 308 shape would ultimately result in the most beautiful Ferrari of all time in my opinion : the 288 GTO. Still, the 308 owes a lot to the Dino so for that reason alone it's great to celebrate its design !

  • Guest (TJ Martin)

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    Owned one back in the 70's early 80's . Loved it . Regret to this day selling it . IMO the most beautiful as well as the most enjoyable of all the road going Ferrari ever . Proof that wonderful lithe handling with less horsepower really is better when it comes to cars for the road . The only negative of the 246 being that its maintenance and repair costs are as high if not higher than its V12 siblings . Honestly .... the more I revisit the memories of the 246 ... the more I despise almost everything Ferrari has done since the 456 . My not being a fan of Boy Racer F1 Wanna Be cars in the slightest

    from Denver, CO, USA
  • Guest (Ib Erik Söderblom)

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    In my eyes, the Dino is by far the most beautiful car, from Ferrari !