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  • Michael Williams

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    Grant, I can weigh in on a couple of these. I am 6'3" and have owned the various Alfa Giulia models (69 and later). It's a stereotype about Italian cars of the time having odd proportions (short on leg room, long on arm length to the wheel) and the Alfas of this time help keep this alive. You'll fit pretty good in a Duetto (66-69). The leg room isn't great but not bad, arm reach is fine and with the top up or down you'll have plenty of headroom. Later spiders have less leg room, avoid. GTV's are shy on headroom sadly but if you angle the seat back you can force the fit a bit. Berlinas are fine but boring. Giulia Supers are decent ergonomically too though I've only sat in them for a minute or two.

    from Sacramento, CA, USA
  • Mat smith

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    I am really surprised you can't get into a German car. Have you consider altering the seat rails or adjusting the frames? it may not take much adjustment to make the all difference. I am 6'2" and over the years have sacrificed comfort for the car!

    from England, UK
  • Terrence Dorsey

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    I'm 6' 3" and long in the torso. The early 911/912 has plenty of room, as does BMW 2002 and 320i. Actually, the trick with the Porsche is not so much headroom as steering reach and knee-room. I found a 30mm steering spacer and switched from a 400mm to a later 380mm wheel from 914. Much better. Still looks mostly stock. There are also some period-correct sports seats available (original and high-quality repros) that can help lower the seating position.

    Going a little later, the Porsche 944 and VW Scirocco (FWD, unfortunately) both have huge amounts of interior space and highly adjustable seats.

    Surprisingly, I fit OK in a Lotus Elan as well as the current Elise. The Elise does have some room to lower the seats a bit from the stock mounting points. Unfortunately, I think the old Elans you're already sitting pretty much on the floor.

  • Mark Cartechine

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    You will definitely fit in a BMW 2002 and there are quite a few enthusiast groups out there to assist with anything you can think of. They also have one of the best forums at www.bmw2002faq.com that is a great resource. If you live anywhere within reason to Cincinnati, OH, you'll find plenty of enthusiasts in the Rivertown Gearbusters, search for them on FB. They generally do 2 drives in the spring/fall, various other group caravans to events, etc. I've met some great people and had a lot of fun because of my 2002 disease/affliction.

  • Josh Clason

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    As resident 2002 promotor I wholeheartedly agree. I am 6'2" and have tons of room in my 2002.

  • Steve Armstrong

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    I am 6'5 and can easily fit into a BMW 2002. I own a BMW 3.0cs and have plenty of room.

  • Jace Bird

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    I have a '75 2002 and while i'm not tall (5'11" or so) i feel like i could be a foot taller and still fit easily.

  • carson scheller

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    Grant , I'm 6'5" and have owner several 356 + a 912 which have plenty of leg + head room, matter of fact the seat were not all the way back . My brother had a 2002 which I enjoyed a few times w/ no issues . giddy up , carson

  • Thomas Falkiner

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    Definitely the 912. In fact I find it more spacious than the later 911 SC. Great car and seriously undervalued at the moment. Scoop one up while they're still cheap.