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  • FerrariBarbie

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    Contact me anytime!

  • Garrett Hammerel

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    Another incredible video! I would absolutely love to incorporate a garage into a living space for some Datsuns some day. Thank you for sharing!

    Thank god for Tuesdays!

  • Frederic

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    FAN-TAS-TIC ! Thank you so much !

  • Steve Fitz

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    I've wanted to do this in a much more humble space, but I wonder, does the car smell up the place? When I pull up my car is hot and smells like oil and old car. I'd love to do it in my office, but I can't stink out the clients and co-workers.

  • novaf4

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    That is the kind of studio that I would love to work in. I love the Ferrari in that colour - it's tasteful and not too showy. Rolling out = no fumes in the studio - nice. I wonder how it rolls back in? I've seen an identical videoed location but with a Maserati Grand Tourismo. I wonder if this is the same architect and he has replaced the Mazza or a different architect with the same style of studio build? Great video, thanks.

  • Indeed. Maserati used Holger's space for the shoot. In 2009 Maserati partnered with Architectural Digest in search of the perfect dream garage. His garage won the contest.

    from San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Andreas Lavesson

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    Absolutely beautiful, everything from the car, the color, the studio, the ramp, everything! However, I'm with Matthew on this, I'd rather have the carbed version since I think it looks even better and there's just something special about the sound of a carbed engine.

  • Randy Hartmann

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    The BB 512 is my favorite Ferrari of all time. I never thought I would like a Ferrari not painted red....especially a Boxer! The 3/4 angle shots of the car are pure auto porn! If you are thinking of having a garage/living space like this check with your local city agencies first. There are many strict rules where building or converting your place similar to this set up is illegal. I tried to do this when I owned a home 20 years ago and the city I live in rejected all my applications for building permits. They cited fire hazards. Things could be different now. My personal space would have room for at least four cars and four motorcycles. Thanks for another incredible movie.

  • Is it weird that this film made my eyes well up with tears? …. When I was around 12, my dad came up the driveway one night with a new 512 he had ordered in Modena. He claims is was the first one in brown -- a very dark, metallic saddle-leather color that was just beautiful. And the sound of the acceleration (in the film at 1:47) just floored me. Thank you Petrolicious. Keep producing great stuff.

  • Guest (Christopher)

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    I propose the dominant reason for the back tilting ramp may also be so that the car is not started in the enclosed living space, thus the smell of vehicle exhaust is avoided.