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  • RaspyPuma

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    What an incredible video! I love that Petrolicious includes interviews with the owners of these cars to really bring the relationship between driver and automobile to life. Kudos to Mr. Chen for keeping that beauty on the road and not locked up in a display case.

  • Roar Hermansen

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  • Absolutely gorgeous.

  • Roadster206

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    sorry, I nearly creamed mon pantalons listening to that engine noise...

  • Aleksander Glinskiy

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    Hello friends!
    Sorry for my English, it's not very good. I'm from Ukraine.

    Ohh. That clicking!... That is awesome. It's really a ritual. What a motor sound!
    I have a 1984 Lada 21061 in perfect original shape. It based on Fiat 125. I hope to make a video about it. When she is starting it's a kind of ritual too. First you need to pull the throttle lever, than you start it first time, engine makes a few turns than it stalls because in carburettor not enough fuel. These few turns enough to pump fuel into the carburettor. Than you start it again and it turns on. Than you can carefully move on, without touching gas pedal, or you can wait until engine warms up...
    It's a long story to tell, it's better to see and feel. Mmm...
    I call her Sunshine, because she is redhead)) (orange).
    Best regards. :)

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  • Krishna Sridharan

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    Are there any wallpaper stills available (such as the lead shot that's shown before the video is played)?

  • Xander Cesari

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    I have to make a small correction. The owner states that the body was penned with no aerodynamic consideration but the Kamm tail was developed by an aerodynamicist as a more efficient method of closing the airflow.


  • Kyle Bartolo

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    I was about to cry seeing this car! I do personally believe that this is one of the best vids and cars on this site. A 'car' like this is simply not a car.. its like a monument in the middle of Rome where many people gather up to take photos of it..Even at different times of the day since it just changes in your eyes and you appreciate lots more.

    This is a piece of history and I enjoy seeing such a car and seeing so so much passion... Beautiful.. no other words! You should have put 'The Lady In Red' as a soundtrack in the background :p

    from Malta
  • Jakub Wrobel

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    I've been watching this video for everyday for the past week; can not get enough of this marvellous car!

  • Renato Ribeiro

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    Great videos with professional quality, like the scene in downtown LA with the billboard in the background. It says "Mint Condition". Love those small and subtle touches.