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  • Afshin Behnia

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    Thanks, Matt! Just goes to show, there are so many interesting and inspiring connections between people and their vintage cars.

  • Ae Neuman

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    what a charming video !
    happy car indeed.
    how could you not have a smile on your face with this little beauty


  • jolocho

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    Ciao bella!

    That squeaky clean garage floor is highly suspect, though.

  • Jono51

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    It seems unlikely now that I'll ever have a 250GT Lusso, but many years ago my family did own a Positano Yellow Fiat 500D and this video so makes me wish I still had it!

  • Vincent P

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    Wow, this takes me back to the mid 90s while in college I drove a beautiful 1970 VW Type 3. My now wife and I would get all dressed up just to take a ride up to the mountain and back. It so special when a can can transport you to a different place and time.

  • Annetta

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    Hi fellow Petrolisti,

    Thank you all for the positive feedback on the video. I had a great time being involved with the making of it and it seems to make people smile which makes me happy. I will share with you all a little cool detail on the car that was not covered in the video. On YouTube someone commented that the license plate was wrong. While I do own the original plates the car was delivered with in 1964 (which are currently not fitted), in reality the plate in the video is custom and pays homage to the 'Cars' character Luigi. My Fiat is exactly the model and trim level Disney used when making Luigi and in the movie (although it is only seen for a fraction of a second) his plate reads 445 108 which is the latitude and longitude co-ordinates of the Ferrari factory in Maranello Italy. I figured you guys would get a kick out of that.

    Lots of love


  • Afshin Behnia

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    Thank you for being the star in this video! We love how it turned out, and the feedback has been all very positive. The only "hate mail" I've gotten has been from people in the market to buy a Fiat 500 who complain that we've just driven the prices up :)



  • lowbird

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    What a beautiiful story behind this little yellow Luigi. I like Italian cars a lot. I hope I can drive such a lovely car later. Thanks Annetta and Petrolicious for making this video.

  • Simon Justin McCarthy

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    What a beautiful attitude to car ownership. It is fantastic to see that such a lovely little car is in the hands of someone who loves it so much and takes on the character of the time. The attention to detail is a credit to the both of you. Thank you for putting a smile on my face :)

  • Eddie Relvas

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    I absolutely adored this video, it's such a wonderful production, and it lets Annetta's enthusiasm show through beautifully. The car is a joyous little piece of history and engineering, and it's great to see someone enjoying it properly.
    Could you please identify the first tune used in this video (in the garage/driving off scenes), as it captures the 60's mood so nicely?