Help 'Driving Dreams' Reach the Finish Line

by Petrolicious Productions / 28 Jul 2014


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  • Guest (Dan)


    Not a single word about thoes two guys in the pictures, though you choose them as 'iconic'. Pathetic!

  • Ray Beltran


    Ah, what a GREAT PICTURE of Giorgetto Giugiaro next to an example of my FIRST CAR! I idolized this guy growing up.

  • Ian Miles


    An interesting idea but I get the feeling that the continued march of Germany into every aspect of car design and manufacture throughout Europe is the reason why there is a crisis in Italian car design bureaux. Former companies are now brands: Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Ducati. Individual designers have tended to be better known to the public in smaller companies. 30 years ago many people would know who designed what they were driving or riding. The name often put on the vehicle itself. However as car and motorcycle companies become bigger, the design process has focused on integration between all aspects of design and manufacture. where the individual designer is now part of a larger team. The individual designer less well known and the design agency less important. Ask most people who designed the original mIni they drove and they could tell you it was Alec Issigonis, ask an owner of the new Mini who designed it they could not tell you and likely would not know who designed the original. This initiative sdeems to be a method to create a memorial to the once domient Italian Design Studio. Perhaps they should spend more time, as the man says, supporting them than making films about them and ensuring VW does not purchase some part of all car companies in Europe.