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  • Xander Cesari

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    Great news that the car has been recovered. If anyone's dog is stolen, you'll be sad no matter what. But if that dog has been with the owner for a decade, through thick and thin, you get a bit sadder no matter if you know the owner or not.

  • Christer Lundem

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    I really do not like this "trend". A lot of classic cars have lately been stolen from Nurburgring. Cannot understand the joys of stealing someones treasure - classic cars are so personal and very much the companion of there owners. A good thing it was found again.

  • Gurjinder Singh

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    Happy to hear the car has been reunited with its owner:)

  • Matthew Lange

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    Glad the car has been recovered I can't imagine what it would be like to loose a car with such memories. From what I've seen around the web there does seem to be an increase in the number of classic car thefts (or possibly thanks to the web there are being more readily reported and the army of forum readers etc being mobilised to help find them). I know of two E Types that were stolen in a the UK and a friend of a friend had a Dino 246 GTS that was stolen from a lock up in London.

    Perhaps Hagerty as a Petrolicious sponsor could comment on whether this is an increasing trend or if it's just better reporting?

  • George McQuinn

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    Thanks to all who helped recover this car. Guy was devastated when it was taken.