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  • Aaron Danforth Wilkins

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    Coooool. And haven't I seen this same garage somewhere else? Perhaps that fancy garage mag?

  • David Handley Brady Jr

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    That is nearly perfect.

  • shervinator

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    This reminds me of Kevin Flynn's pad in TRON: Legacy (2010). I have always wanted to do something like this, and when I have the financial means, I will. For now, I'll settle for the front clip of an '80s Chevy Caprice police cruiser.

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  • Alan Franklin

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    Man, I loved Flynn's pad! So incredibly cool.

    Love the Caprice clip, too. Funny to think how those headlights and that grill once inspired serious dread among countless road users, and now they lay neutered and powerless on your floor.

  • robert t mullane 3

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    how the hell did ya do it? I could do the same thing with a mercedes or rambler front set-up. i have a shroud and grille from a '64 190C merc that has newyprk plate on it... how nice, right. gotta do it! i LIKE WHAT YOU DID WITH THE COPPERS CLIP!
    drop me a line, sometime...if this reaches you, like ever?

  • Johnny Canada

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    I recall about 2 years ago that the city was attempting to force the deconstruction of this garage. It had something to do with the bridge access off the street. Has that issue been resolved?