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  • Niklaus Gingro

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    Never heard of this bike before but this is a feat of engineering magic - and that exhaust noise is insane!

  • Thanks for the great read! Honda, please make the 2014 F1 return to get your soul back.

  • Kingshuk Mukherjee

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    YES. More motorcycles is always a plus.

  • Andreas Lavesson

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    Absolutely amazing article. I'm not a motorcycle-nut, but I sure am fascinated by them. Especially when they are as beautifully engineered as this one.

  • Richard Love

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    I have actually heard this bike run 2 vintage races. It sounds like it could break glass! Jim Redmond tells the story of how they got it from Japan to Italy for it's first race by flying it first class.made it look like a 4 cylinder by removing 2 pipes. That way theirs rivals couldn't tell what they had until Honda got it to the track. Let's have some more bike articles.

  • pjrebordao

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    So true the last paragraphs...

    I've owned 5 Civics, but sadly, they dont turn me on anymore.

  • Rip Curl

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    That motorcycle is such a wonderous piece of engineering. Thank you for sharing it as I was ignorant to its pedigree.

  • Ray143

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    Ivan Wagar was the asst. editor of Cycle World in '62/'63. He and I raced m/c's all over Calif. He got to go to Japan after Joe Parkhurst had been there. He said the first impression of Japan was the bullet train that he rode from Tokyo down to Hokido (sp). But he said the train was nothing like the Honda facilities. Ivan was from England, and his thoughts were that England had a lot of catching up to even get even with what Mr. Honda had created. Now 50 years later Soichiro Honda san standards that no one has even tried to match. I raced against the
    RC161 (4 cyl 250) with Donnie Vesco riding. I know from the performance it had it was really a 650cc m/c (LOL) Ray

  • Guest (Kain Baigent)

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    Hi Alan
    I emailed the info line at 'Petrolicious' to ask some important questions. I hope you get it passed onto you, especially after reading your wonderful article on the RC166.
    Many thanks

  • Guest (Neil Morton)

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    Saw and heard one at a race in Ireland probably 67. Mike the bike wasn't riding but it lapped every thing on a very short track.
    One of the loudest machines I have ever heard.

    from Canada