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  • matthew wiseman

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    GTO because its the pretty much the first muscle car and I've always wanted one, I've never been a big corvette person

  • Ae Neuman

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    Vette by a landslide.
    Not for nought was the Vette Stingray the only American car to feature in The Most Beautifuul Cars section of (UK) CAR magazine's 50th birthday issue.
    They wrote

    It's the car that 'wrote thre rules about fantasy ans desire in the automobile'

  • Alexander Butler

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    I have to say, the C3 was always my favourite a youngster growing up. I loved it's simplistic yet overstated lines which conjured up a 'beautifully aggressive' style that would, if I had the extra expendable budget, buying a good one in a heartbeat.

    from Somerset, UK
  • Zoo Barthelme

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    sorry but it's a C2

  • John Abrishamkar

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    Corvette, hands down...looks, machismo, independent rear end...

  • Drew Morgan

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    No question, GTO. A car like that is made for tearing up the streets all night long.
    It's just a brutal machine. Ditch those mufflers and raise some hell!
    Get the corvette if your the type of person who goes for ice cream on Sunday after church.

  • Jeff Knoespel

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    That Corvette is a beautiful car from the '60's, and it would be a nice car to have, however, the GTO is, like, the quintessential "muscle car." When people think of true muscle cars, they probably think of a GTO. If I had to pick between them, just as cars, I'd have the Corvette, but if I really wanted a "muscle car," I'd take the GTO. ;)

  • Zoo Barthelme

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    Well depends on what type of performance you wanted. Hands down power to the pavement pounder-GTO. refined all around driver, liable to lose a drag raceto a goat, but not outrun overall-Vette

    from Gainesville, FL, USA
  • Alec DeJovani

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    Gotta go mid year Corvette. It's the best looking one ever built. As long as it's not compared to a '69 Camaro, it's by GM muscle car of choice.

  • Andreas Lavesson

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    I can only agree with Jeff Knoespel. If I wanted a "muscle car", I'd take the GTO. However, the C2 Corvette has got to be one of the most beautiful American cars ever made and because of that, I'd have to go for the Corvette.