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  • Rob


    Living in Columbus OH for the past 20 years, I have to disagree that Columbus is the best for vintage car friendliness.

    First off, you've got the ohio state highway patrol which lives in infamy with every trucker and vacationer who frequents the state as being overly zealous. Secondly, the weather sucks royally. Seriously, you get the 90-100 degree temps in summer (a la Florida on some days) and the horrid winter storms during the first 3 or so months of the year, leaving basically 6 months of ideal driving (assuming your vintage hot rod doesn't have A/C and you'd rather not turn into a fried egg on your nice drive.

    speaking of that drive, it's going to be pretty boring, because with some exceptions around the northwest side, there is nothing in the way of good driver's roads here. L.A. (which the article claims to be who we beat out for first) has mountains, we don't. Pretty much a guarranteed loss right there if you ask me. If you want good driving roads in Ohio you either have to go to the southeast where there are hills, or south of Cincinnati (out of the entire state) where there are, again, hills.

    As far as car shows/cruise in's go, we've got good guys and Quaker steak n' lube and that's about the extent of it. Sure there are a few localized events, but nothing on the level that Cincy has with their weekly cars and coffee drawing around ~$1 million in exotics and rods on a good Saturday, and definitely nothing on the amount of expensive and rare hunks of steel that reside in sunny cali.

    Last time I went to Florida I couldn't believe the smoothness of the roads. If those are a "10" then our roads range from about a 5 to an 8. If you've found a good one, chances are it's been repaved in the last 6 months and it will be crap again after next winter.

    Columbus is a great place and all, and probably in the top 10 or so of the major Midwest car cities, but on the national scale, we're barely drops in the bucket.

    Btw, great piece, keep it up petrolicious.

  • Ryan Lopez


    keep in mind if you park for more then a minute your car gets stolen or crashed into and the roads are bumpy as hell but other then thats its good

  • LilBastard


    I couldn't find the survey to fill out--
    But here are a few thoughts on the Steel City--
    Fun roads to drive--8--when they aren't filled with potholes that is
    condition of roads- 2--pothole capitol of the US
    Vintage Race--10--only course on public streets in US
    Technicians--8--unless you get verrry exotic
    Traffic--8---Everyone thinks their traffic is the worst--but really, here in Pittsburgh, it's only about an hour on each commute and it's only about 10 miles around downtown.
    Weather --4--Yeah, winter sucks and is too long
    Places to go---9-- Bunches of places within 30 miles of downtown to either cruise to, eat, or drink or all of the above--
    Like the Original Quaker Steak and Lube --yeah it's Sharon,PA-- and more like 50 miles away--but less than a tank of gas there and back
    Safety--8---pretty good,

    I can't remember the rest of the questions