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  • Pedro Oliveira

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    As usual we got a fantastic video. Loved in particular the 911!
    When I watch those videos the world becomes a better place.
    Sometimes I forgot the luck I have for having a nice garage behind my house :D

    Keep up the good work guys!

  • Matthew Lange

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    I watch lots of car videos on the Internet, but none are as cinematic as those on Petrolicious, this being one of the best examples of that.
    As to the theme of the video itself I completely empathise. Until recently I lived in London but kept the car out of town in Surrey. Everyone run in the car meant a 40-60 minute drive in my daily driver before I could even fire up the big V12. It meant that every trip had to be planned well in advance. Now I've moved to Surrey myself and the car lives at my new house. I've used it every weekend since :)

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  • Bertram Wooster

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    Another GTV6 with a broken tach needle! I guess it's not quite so WTF-y after all-- and a beater Baja Bug looks like the perfect Manhattan DD!

  • motoring con brio

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    "Manhattan DD" is an oxymoron for the people featured in this video. That concept simply does not exist.

  • Randy Hartmann

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    I worked for a major airline years ago. I was based in Detroit and then later in New York. I had a choice to move there so I didn't have to commute to work from California in an Airbus A320. (Flight crews can live anywhere there is an airport!) I choose to live in San Diego and commute four times a month to my New York base because I couldn't imagine driving my E28 M5 in New York traffic. I love New York because you really don't need a car and I relished that lifestyle the few days I was there every month. I used to see this guy in his Ferrari F40 pull out of his Park Ave flat (yes he had a garage) and I can tell his left leg must have been in pain after driving in the city for a few hours. Oh the things we endure for the love of driving. I was so lucky to be able to live on both coast and come home to my M5! Great video as usual.

  • ronaldo eduardo

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    Really nice video!

    I live in Brazil and sometimes I complain that is hard to use a "normal" car in my city, I dont like even to dream about driving a vintage car here in a normal working day, but this video was really something to think about.

    These guys have much more dificultties(?) than me to drive my old fiats at weekends, and only at weekends, in a city that doesn't even compare to the size of new york.

    keep the good work guys!

  • Isaac DC

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    This is my favorite Petrolicious video!!!! Thank you for your work guys! I love it! Looking forward to next tuesday! Thanks a lot!

    from Brussels, Belgium
  • Rick Ladd

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    What are the odds? The first time I check out this site and it's about guys with vintage cars in NYC! That's Me! I have a vintage Triumph in Brooklyn, have to rent a garage a half hour away because I live in an old brownstone. ( No cars back then ) Driving a small British car in NYC is crazy but I love it!

  • robert t mullane 3

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    Y'know... when I was doing my grad work years @ Boston College, I owned a '79 MGB-LE Limited Edition. These cars were indeed vintage, and despite the fact that owning a car is always a problem I kept mine there, and drove everywhere I needed to go. I had lots of places, too; like school, work, and the store; where I was expected on a daily basis. This 'sports car' was dependable regardless of what some people may think about MGs, or sports cars, in general. I had a great time driving, especially in summer, when I took girls to the beaches; places like Glouster on the ocean. Ineffably beautiful!
    Eventually, I finished school and it was my time to move on. I came back to Michigan where I promptly got married, and began a career working in clinical psychology. I will always cherish the memories I have of living in Boston, owning and driving my old MG convert, but most important to me were the people I have known, the things we did together. ;)

  • Maxwell Rady

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