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  • WolfTrax

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    If I remember correctly, only Porsche's project which was done completely by him (without any "inspiration" from outside sources) was Tiger tank which was used in later stages or WW II.

    from Novi Sad, Serbia
  • Lilldraken

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    Not exactly.

    The Tiger tank that was used by the Wehrmacht during World War II was a Henschel design. It competed against a Porsche project (Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger(P)), which although very innovative, proved too complex and required too many resources to be mass produced in wartime Germany. Its chassis was then used in the Ferdinand/Elefant tank destroyer, but that's a story for another day.

    Porsche's piece de resistance was to be the Maus, a 185-ton behemoth which never had a chance to prove itself on the battlefield. Dr Porsche was undoubtedly a genius, but I'd be inclined to say that during the war a part of his mind went slightly mad...

    from Warsaw, Poland
  • Andre C Hulstaert

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    I was fortunate enough to own a 1937 Tatra Type 87 with only 32,000 Km (about 20,000 miles) in original condition with even period tires. These were indeed fabulous cars, being able to sustain 100 miles/hour (in 1937 for a street sedan).
    Thus I read up on the make. According to several reliable sources Porsche AG paid a sizable sum to Tatra Werke in the 50's for patent infringement which goes a long way to prove that Porsche indeed peeked. It is also a known fact that Porsche and Ledwinka were not exactly friends although they met on several occasions.
    It is the communist regime which killed Tatra. Otherwise BMW and Mercedes would have had a strong competitor. The last Tatra sedans were still this V8 but now mounted on top of the transaxle thus giving a four door sedan with the feel and handling of a centrally mounted engine. It was designed by Pininfarina.
    A good article about the Tatra is http://www.tatraplan.co.uk/tatra.htm also http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/motoring/features/tatra-type-87-562192.html
    It was also very advanced, a heater with windshield defroster and even fuses (left in the dash) and so on.
    I attach here a few shots of my car. It are scans of old negatives, these were just to document. (I lost all mine in a fire). As you see the car it is in the condition I bought it, not even washed.
    The two sparewheels in the trunk were standard and to offset the weight of the free hanging V8 in the back. My car had non original headlights, hubcaps, steeringwheel and extra instruments (the bottom row) All were period so I did not mind too much. It had also backup lights and conversion to blinkers over the original semaphones.
    More pictures on http://www.hulstaertphoto.us/1937-tatra-type-87/

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  • Andre C Hulstaert

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    One thing I forgot to add: the reason of the rear "wing" was not stabilization, although it may have helped, but to offset the warping of the massive rear hood as a result of the heat of the engine.

  • Alan Franklin

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    Good God you're an interesting man, Andre.

    A T87 is my holy grail car.

  • The large fin was actually for stabilization in cross winds, just like an aircraft. Otherwise the lighter weight front end of the car would move more than the rear causing instability. The fin evened out the air pressure so the whole car would move the same amount sideways in a cross wind. I've been driving T87's for over 20 years (I'm on my second, an early post war model). Here are some photos from one of the trips I've taken with my Tatra along with a friend with his T87. http://www.ghiweb.com/Tatra/index.htm We've also driven to the arctic with them, the link to that site is down but when it's back up I'll post it.

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    from Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • there are plenty of unsavory characters in this game, just think adolescent fans of stanced Hondas - I hope I am misinterpreting this note. One reason I love this website is for the completely unbiased love and appreciation for all that is automotive. It has really been a breath if fresh air, but comments that put down one group of automotive enthusiasts should not have a place here. I am, after all, a fan of stanced Hondas, and even when driving my 993, they will turn my head and steal my attention

  • Afshin Behnia

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    Very fair point. Indeed we at Petrolicious appreciate all kinds of genuine enthusiasm for autos as long as it's tasteful, and there are plenty of tastefully stanced Hondas and other pocket rockets out there. Though I can't speak for Alan, perhaps he was referring to a certain group often associated with stanced Japanese cars who goes overboard and adds the giant wing, coffee can exhaust tip, and type Type R stickers everywhere?