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  • Dustin Rittle


    I have always loved seeing these old car advertisement and seeing this is no exception. The Jeepster Commando always reminded of the original Willys-jeepster. It seems like they were trying to take the basic jeep formula and tolling but trying to make it almost a sporty chic like appearance. I don't really know if it worked out for them but after seeing some of these pics of the jeepster at the beach with some nice looking ladies i think i want one in my collection. Now i just gotta find the nearest beach

  • Ryan Lopez


    If you have never owned one and are looking for one I can say with experience these things don't like weight. They sag thanks to their mono leaf rear springs like a horse at a glue factory, But if you are going to buy one take the roof off its unbelievable the amount of light and beauty compared to the CJ.

  • motoring con brio


    "Jeepster" is also the name of a great song by T. Rex.