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  • Rodney Wren


    Man am I glad you did this video. I have been looking for a pre-68 Bug and this video made my day. Thank you.:)

  • Terrence Dorsey


    Wonderful. I owned a '63 ragtop for a few years. She unfortunately needed more TLC than I could offer, though I did build a nice hot rod 1600 for her. We had a few fun years together. I'd do it again.

  • Brompty


    This is great. I love the quote, "This is a performance car, just not a fast car". Wonderful looking car and so nice to see it driven in all weather.



    1967 Volkswagen Beetles are truly a one year only model. While this car has the rear backup lamps the bumper is not correct for a 1967 Bug. The wider rear deck lid required a shortened overrider bar next to the deck lid. The engines stock were 1500 cc's roughly. They were the first year with a 12 volt charging system. The last year for the 205mm on 5 lug nut brakes and wheels. The first year for the new style seal beam headlights. The last year of the gasoline filler inclosed in the trunk. Mid year change to seat release on the upper side of the seat back. The last year of a classic design the bumpers.