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  • Matthew Lange


    Great interview his book Forghieri on Ferrari is already on my birthday list for this year http://www.amazon.co.uk/Forghieri-Ferrari-Daniele-Buzzonetti/dp/8879115650/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1372278388&sr=1-1&keywords=forghieri+on+ferrari

  • Afshin Behnia


    That's a great book! I was just flipping through it at the Libreria dell'Automobile in Milan.

  • Ray Beltran


    Oh, what a gorgeous photo of one of the most beautiful F1 cars ever, the 312T. I'll never forget the artist's rendition on a brochure I received for the then new LBGP. I had just begun an interest in all things automobile, and I was quickly led to anything BUT the American car scene. All my friends had big iron and watched the roundy-rounders; I wanted a Fiat 124 and began to desire to learn more about the Craft of driving and European auto racing, in particular F1. The 312's tall snorkel, full-width front wing, wind-shapred mirrors and wedge-shaped bodywork was clean and tidy. Oversized rear tires, tiny front tires whose deep black contrasted the brilliant chrome wheels at each extreme corner emphasized the wedge and implied speed of the car. An absence of stickers on it's patriotically inspired color scheme, the brilliant blood-red and the Stallion of Maranello crest were enchanting. And to know a 3-liter, 12cylinder engine smartly propelled this beauty; well, that was something that I just had to hear for myself. And who was this man Niki Lauda? I was soon to find out.

    Those were the days. Forghieri has said it well… the beauty of Formula One, in so many ways, has been forever lost. I can't stand to look at today's "F1 cars", much less tolerate all the aerodynamics and hybrid engine/braking nonsense.

    This website is all about the love of cars and of driving. That's what that era in F1 was all about.

  • Christopher Gay


    What an amazing opportunity.
    These are some of my favorite cars from one of my favorite designers.
    Most excellent.

    from San Diego, CA, USA
  • gaperez


    Maaaan its sad because i was born in 1992 and everything seems to be done better back before i was even born. I wish i lived in those times. everything was much simpler and joyful.

  • Anders Holmberg


    What a GREAT interview!

    I must really try to find me a copy of his book!

    Cheers F1 SuperSwede