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  • Matthew Lange

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    Jim Glickenhaus has his signature on Ferrarichat as 'not driving your Ferrari is like not having s€x with your girlfriend to make her more desirable for the next man'. Think that is very true.

  • porscheforu

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    Great story. I have the exact same car in Bali Blue, only with light grey interior. I drive the car nearly every day in central Idaho in the summer, and it always puts a smile on my face. I can relate.
    My car was delivered in San Francisco and is all original except for tires and paint. It has 114,000 miles, and the engine has never been out of it.

    Enjoy your jewel.

    Ned Hamlin

  • Sam Ongaki

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    I daily drive my w108 280SE 4.5 approx 70 miles a day, and other than "old car quirks" such as tuning etc, I can't believe this thing...it won't stop running. It looks great and at the beginning of ownership there was the obvious temptation to keep it looking pristine and wheel it out for special weekend drives, but I saw that Glickenhaus quote, and even though its not a Ferrari, I had to agree...the only thing is the fuel consumption...gulp.

  • Kuroneko

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    Mine carried me to work every day for many years, then I started to feel bad about subjecting it to the daily grind. Pity! Nothing ever felt as good as getting in after a hard day in the office. By the way, I hope this one only drives around with her trunk unlatched for the photographs! Neko.

  • ramblerputz

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    Great story and too close to home for me. The anguish I feel for ever selling my 356's is palpable, here in my office, as I write this. We bought our first one used in 1968, when I was 26. It was a gift for my wife of a year who had quit smoking. We went to look at a 1966 911 an Air Force doctor moving from Vandenberg AFB to Washington State. After the test drive we returned to the parking lot at Letterman Hospital in San Francisco and parked to negotiate. My wife spotted a yellow 356B coupe in the lot and said now that's the Porsche I would like to have. The doctor said well that one is mine also but it is not for sale but you can drive it if you like. We did and decided we had to have it. He said I won't take less that $2500 for it. She said we'll take it and he replied that he had bought both of these cars new in Germany when stationed there and if she wanted it that badly he would keep the 911 and sell it to us.

    My wife started smoking the next year and I repossessed it and drove it daily for the next 28 years. It had 288,000 miles on the odometer when we sold it with the original engine and tranny. If you listen you can hear the sound of my foot kicking my butt right now.:(

  • william noble

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    I put 500,000 miles (aprox) on my 356A before I got a car with air conditioning - I say aprox because the odometer would never keep working for more than a few miles before eating it's brass drive gear - so I used a Hobbs meter and changed oil every 100 hours of engine time - my mileage estimate comes from that. Still have the car, but I haven't driven it in a long time....maybe I should.

  • Nils Levine

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    I drove my 356 to Richmond when the Iowa was berthed there. I did a double-take when I first read the article!

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  • Michael Howells

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    ...245,00 miles per (re)build.

  • George McQuinn

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    This car was stolen just days after this article came out. Very sad.

  • Andrew Adamides

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    Happily, car has now been recovered: http://www.porsche356registry.org/356talk/1/34064.html