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  • Josh Clason

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    We will see what we can work up in the future for a video :)

  • Caleb VanDyke

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    Greaty story!
    I only comment because I made a very similar trip last summer, picking up a 1986 MR2 across state lines.
    I managed to convince a friend to ride along in my 1991 Miata. 3 hours there, and what should have been a 3 hour drive home became a 10 hour nightmare! The car was plagued with overheating throughout the return trip, but eventually it limped back home.
    The MR2's problems have since been resolved, but I can relate to everything you say about the MR2 in this article: from the angular 80s styling to the tight handling and zippy 4AGE... Great Car!

  • Kevin Fitzpatrick

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    Awesome story! I have recently fallen in love with the 1st gen MR2. I didn't even know they have a 4AGE! Those lines and that fighter jet look are incredible. I also hear that it's got a cockpit that will fit taller guys. I think taking a plane trip to buy a car is a rite of passage for all car guys. I can't wait until I can hop on a plane to pick up MY MR2.

    PLEASE give us a video! At least some pics of that awesome gauge cluster.

  • Andreas Lavesson

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    I've always been a fan of Japanese cars and sports cars more specifically. While I won't be able to cover the same distance to buy a car, without traveling to a different country, I certainly have no restrictions as to how far I'd go. It is a perfect opportunity to get to know your car and hopefully, making the acquisition into an adventure, will really tighten the bonds.

  • Matthew Lange

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    Cool car and great story Josh.

    I've done a few long car journeys over the last 15 years or so, the ones that stick in the memory most are driving back from Rome to London in a Ferrari 250SWB after the Ferrari 50th Anniversary. With a four speed gearbox and a revvy 3.0 V12 it's not the best car for long touring but it was an amazing experience especially the echo of the V12 through the Mont Blanc tunnel.

    A few years later I did the same trip in reverse but in a rather different car. An Austin Maestro brought for £100. We were taking part in the 'Home' to Rome banger rally where £100 (About $200 then) is the maximum purchase price you can spend on the car. The Maestro was a horrible car when new, but we got fairly lucky in finding a one owner low mileage example on ebay (we weren't especially looking for a Maestro but it fitted the bill). Complete with hand painted Martini stripes we set off from the start point in Calais expecting trouble at some point on the route but the little Maestro never missed a beat, and actually was running better by the end of the journey than at the beginning. The only problem we had was the headliing fell down on the rear passenger a couple of times.

  • Ae Neuman

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    brilliant little cars.
    these are to mid-engined cars what the mx5 would later be to open roadsters.
    proof that you don't need big anything to have an enjoyable drive.
    best savoured in stock form.

  • Tyler B

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    Nice story and a good looking car! It reminded me of my trip from Seattle to Salt Lake to buy a swapped GC Impreza. My friends and fiance at the time (wife now) didn't really understand it but it made complete sense to me. I've daily driven the car since and love every minute of it.

    from Seattle, WA, USA
  • Zippy Gordon

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    I do love the sound of the engine, and I certainly understand the passion.

  • Michael Mastello

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    Great story Josh. I had a similar purchase about a year ago now. I was still mourning the loss of my recently restored 1972 Datsun 510 4dr sedan which got written off in traffic when a 1971 Datsun 510 SSS coupe came up for sale. After ummming and ahhhing for weeks a friend called to console me for my loss and turns out he was friends with the seller of the coupe. One thing led to another and before long a deposit was made and I was going for a 'golf weekend' which involved dropping my clubs off at work before hopping a plane from Sydney to Brisbane to pick up the car. 14hrs driving later the car was home without a problem. The 2.3l stroker wasn't kind on the ears either but ear plugs did their job thankfully.

  • Guest (Faziel)

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    Hah, 5th in theese things is awfully short. so the droning really does get to you at cruise speeds.

    But something ive always enjoyed on the highways is their power to weight ratio, even at highway speed if you need to pass something putting your foot down is always greeted with this surge of power.

    Recently ran my lightly modified supercharged edition down a 1/4 mile for 14.82@90 mph