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  • Dustin Rittle

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    WOW you have some serious talent my friend and i have seen some damn good talent on this website. Every car is so vivid and alive in these pieces of art. I always love when a artist can really make you feel as if you are right there seeing the car in action. I think im gonna need more wall space after seeing this artist for sure :D

  • Jose Ignacio Guerra

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    Great Talent nice draws you could produce poster with it, The CSL´s draws are awesome, thanks to share.

  • I've always found automotive artwork to be either absolutely photo realistic or exaggerated to give the sense of motion. To a high degree, I personally think that these pieces consist them both at the same time. They really evoke the posture of a speeding machine while having the necessary details on areas such as the shading of the lamps, reflection of the mirrors/grills/body/wheels... simply amazing. Thanks posting as always, Petrolicious!

  • Gorgeous. Just gorgeous!