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  • Jake Williams

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    Thank you guys so much. Nobody else I know understands me or my love of cars. I'm constantly sourcing the internet for new facts and things I could do, but it ultimately ends in me being sad about everything I can't do. PetroliciousCo gives me something to look forward to and it has made Tuesday my favorite day of the week.

    Again, thank you.

  • Ian at JewelorJalopy

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    Gorgeous Mustang, and love that it's set up for road racing with an Indy engine.

    Would love to see it in person, I can tell there are little details that Steve sweat that we didn't see.

  • Josh Clason

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    If you get a chance you will be staring for hours! There is so much that a lot of people wouldn't notice or get to see(like underneath) and it really deserves to be seen.

  • Stefan Haberfellner

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    Thank you very much for making this video about this beauty of a mustang. Maybe different to your situation, here in Europe we can't see a lot of these cars on our streets and tracks, therefore i would prefer more videos of these (your) car's from the states.
    Anyway i enjoyed every single second of this video - and this perfect mustang. regards from Austria!

  • Mark Coulson

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    That is a really nice piece. I think a better reflection of Steve's passion and talent than seen on TV and a wonderful (art) car. Congratulations Petrolicious and Pure Vision both.

  • Anders Holmberg

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  • Christian Peta

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    clean. clean. clean. love it.

  • Jim Parker

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    All I say is WOW!! Haven't stopped thinking about this car since I watched the video yesterday. I have a passion for early Mustangs and anything Porsche, so this just hits my hot button and blows me away. Great job Pure Vision (for the car) and Petrolicious (for the video)!! And Pertolicious? Please keep up the great work! Your website is my new favorite place to visit.

  • Lon Thompson

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    Spectacular. If Singer built Mustangs instead of Porsches I suspect this is what they would look like. This car just replaced Eleanor as my favorite Mustang.

  • Ib Erik Soderblom

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    I get it !
    I really, really get it !!!