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  • Eric Tan

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    love all petrolicious videos - particularly this one's sound tracks are awesome.
    may i ask what are the songs chosen in this video?

  • Jordan Lockhart

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    Thank you. The songs in order of appearance are:
    Streets of Palermo - Tim Souster
    Feather's Dance - Laurent Dury
    Simply Italy - Simon Stewart
    Not a Care in the World - Dan Millidge
    An Elegy for You - Terry Keating & Warren Slye
    You may not find much of their work unfortunately, they are made exclusively for a service that provides music for productions

    from Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Michael Tester

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    great video. I would love for him to go over the rest of his collection and talk about his cars, no matter what state they are in.

  • Rodney Wren

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    There's no such thing as TOO MANY Cars! Another fantastic video!

  • Michael Squeo

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    Fantastic !

  • Masso Ghaoui

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    Shou ya sheikh, a lot in common, only in a 124 sport coupé and my dearly departed Dad wasn't in a taxi but twirling on the road....(didn't see him either...;) ) Drop me a message on FB, I'm rebuilding a Busso and supercharging it, you'll like it, I'm sure.

    In any case enjoyed your video a lot, yalla, greetings from Holland
    Masso (majnoun mitlak ya zalameh...:))

  • Adam Fairfax

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    What a total dude!

    Reminds me of me...

    Keep up the good work!


  • Levchenko

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    Very nice car! tell me somebody what kind a rims on it?

  • Guest (Jim Cassidy)

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    Love this video, just in the process of rebuilding an Alfa Berlina 2000 we have had in storage for 20 years. Got it running the other day, so many memories and an Alfa that as usual gets under your skin. Can't wait to get out on the back roads of the Victorian High Country and set it free. I love Manuel's Berlina and it gives me a ton of ideas.....

  • Tuncay Nergis

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    This video tells only a little part of being an "alfisti". And even this litte part makes me feel that again. Thanks for the awesome videos Petrolicious. Thanks to Manuel for being a future model for us so we may show this video to our wives in the future to prove that we're not the only maniacs on this planet :) Greetings from Istanbul with the memory of my old Spider.

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    from Istanbul, Turkey