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  • Brompty

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    I have never really liked the Morris Minor;it's the type of car that looks old fashioned even when new (which I can imagine is it's appeal). Great looking van though. There is Morris specialist not far from me in West Malling which always looks interesting.

  • Matthew Lange

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    Cool video as always. There's a few running round in the the UK with Fiat /Alfa twin cam engine swaps. Should crack 100mph easily with one of those in. If they want to keep it British there's always the Rover (nee Buick) V8!

  • Alec DeJovani

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    Nah a small diesel motor would fit this well. Maybe a 2.8 International motor or even a VW 2 liter TDi. It's a work truck, not a hot rod. It just happens to be easy on the eyes too, for a van.

  • Frazer Spowart

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    Nice work guys! I've always loved Morris Minors and the different variants. My dad used to have a Morris panel van just like this, used it in the same way as a mechanic for running parts around. Great story!

  • Christopher Gay

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    It's nice to see the father still working in the business, and even better, It's nice to see the skills and interests handed down.
    Thanks for sharing.

    from San Diego, CA, USA