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  • cornerbalance

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    Was directed here by a couple people today - terrific work! Great camera shots, you let the guy speak and us enjoy the car vicariously. From one blogger to another, terrific content and great site. Look forward to seeing more and more

  • Rayon Rhule

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    Very beautiful car, a nice demonstration that power isn't everything.

    from Ontario, Canada
  • Mathias Woodson

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    Hey there.

    A really nice video and very inspiring. I really enjoyed it.
    But I have a question. What classic song was chosen starting round 5:15?


  • Andreas Lavesson

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    The car is astonishing, but the garage and the person behind it is equally impressive. Thank you Petrolicious for creating a virtual realm where car enthusiast from all over the world can gather.

  • Tommy Stockwell

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    This video gives a young man like myself drive to do this very thing with my future 911. Top work, the video is brilliant, this site is brilliant!

  • abanerjee

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    Best video yet. You guys should make this the bar to beat! I think its great in terms of length, structure, content, everything. Keep at it and thanks for all the hard work!

  • Jack's attention to detail is amazing, and he is a very friendly guy. Out at big willow during one session I noticed Black Beauty Stalking me. Jack had come out to play in my run group and we had fun for a few laps. Clearly the man can outdrive me but it was the most fun I've ever had on the track or off in my own car, a 69 Z28. Jack later confessed to me that he wanted to build a firstgen Camaro for track duty but a 911 came along first! So cool! Check out the video from that session here. Jack Outdrove my torque! Props Jack!


  • Alex Del Olmo Roque

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    What a great video with a great story to be told! It really inspired me and change the way how I think about cars. Keep up the good work Petrolicious! I love the way you guys are sharing this fantastic passion with cars!

  • Rasmus Vind

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    This guy is a true inspiration. I've seen this film so many times and I never get tired of it.

    from Denmark
  • Paul Bilek

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    This is amazing. I will be keeping my Stingray in the same way. What a great philosophy when it comes a car you just love.