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  • ACFowles

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    Excellent piece. I particularly enjoyed the picture painted by the opening paragraph. As far as a Mk2 Pantera goes, its just a shame that the De Tomaso/Qvale/MGSV missed the mark by so much.

  • ACH996

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    My dad had a 72 and it was definitely the car that sparked my love for sports cars. I'll never forget the smell of the vinyl interior on a hot day. Funny story- Elvis had an Pantera and he shot it when it wouldn't start.

  • lashss

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    Great article about one of the most underrated Italian manufacturers.

    Who cares what Ford needs?

    Detomaso needs a comeback to challenge Ferrari, Lambo, Maserati and other Italian competitors like it has historically. One of the most underrated Italian manufacturers from the Golden Era.

    Forza Detomaso!