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  • Erwan Brillot

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    This is torture for me ...

  • Wonderful photography, I would love to attend this event someday. Priceless peices of art!! Great work covering it.

  • Chris Macha

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    I was fortunate to be assigned as a Class Host for the Postwar Touring class. The winner was the 1960 Alfa Romeo Superflow IV Pinin Farina Coupe, what a stunning automobile. My favorite in this class was the 1955 Alfa Romeo 1900 CSS Ghia Aigle Cabriolet. I was hoping you might have had a photo to include. The owners and restorers were very polite and engaging and loved sharing the trials and tribulations of their restoration process.

  • Ross Litman

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    I actually had a chance to see the BRG Aston Martin DB4GT on Page 4 in person in my neighborhood no less! The car was 1 of 2 factory lightweight DB4GTs built by Aston Martin in the early 60s. The owner (in his 70s) vintage races the car up at Lime Rock Park and other locations to this day. Simply stunning in person. He's had the engine worked over for racing and punched it out to 4.2 liters where it makes about 370-390 hp.

  • Afshin Behnia

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    What a treat to see that driving in the neighborhood! Do you know the owner personally? If so, we'd love an introduction to him to do either a photo shoot or video.


  • Vintage Son

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    What is the red car at the top of page 3, I don't think I've ever seen that tail end.