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  • Erwan Brillot

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    Your car is absolutely georgous. I "only" had modern BMW's but my heart right now is tearing appart between old Alfa's and BMW. I have to say, the E9 is kind of a good choice :)

  • Niklaus Gingro

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    My first BMW was a '97 E36 M3 Coupe - what an amazing car. That's really when I learned how to drive a performance car - I'd owned other performance oriented models before (like the '89 Saab 900 Turbo) but none compared to that BMW.

  • Leucea Alexandru

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    My first car was a '95 Bmw 3 series Coupe with the 2.0 24v inline 6 engine. One of the best experiences i ever had. Crisp handling, accurate throttle response, great chassis, beautiful engine. Overall, a driver's package. The car was 14 years old when i bought it. It never let me down and it was so exciting to drive. Very well built. One has to drive a Bmw in order to understand what i'm talking about. It is so rewarding.

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  • John Papalardo

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    Can't wait for the videos, I have owned/drive many an /Mblembed sedan over the years and now am searching for the perfect Bavaria. This 72 Bavaria 3.0 featured on DT comes close, but I don't like black paint.

    Can't wait for June!

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  • Brooks Wade

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    Even though my initials are BMW I was raised in Mercedes and always had an affinity to Audi's (started with a B6 S4 then moved up to the big boy C5 RS6). But after 24 years of carrying the BMW initials I decided to add one to my fleet! I picked up a pristine E28 M5 a couple months ago and now I'm hooked! Next up on the BMW front is either a modified 2002 or (if I can find one at the right price) an E30 M3.

  • Derek Jarman

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    I am looking forward to the month of June! My first was a 85 325e - loved that car, it got me hooked on BMW's. I had always loved the look of the e30 Touring's, but there aren't very many around in my neck of the woods. After the 325e was passed on I went with out for a few years until our current Touring came available to us a few months back. There is still a spot in the garage reserved for a 2002ti that I am on the hunt for.

  • hookemdevils22

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    BMW has certainly made some amazing sport sedans over the years, but my E46 was beyond underwhelming.

  • Can't wait for the videos!

    My first BMW was a gray 81 320i shod with gold 15" BBS on 205/50s and wore an OEM IS spoiler and white front turn signals Loved it till I crashed it. Currently I scoot around in an e46 M. It is a great fun to drive, but not as fun as my e30 318is. This is where the argument for 'it is more fun to drive a slow car fast, than to drive a fast car slow' reigns true!

    Anyone else love the flavor of amber dials as much as I do?

  • Taras Odulak

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    Raced e21s, owned an e28, an e36 and now an M3 e46..... Nothing like a roundel automobile....

  • Andrew dAlbenas

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    What type of wheels are those on the E9? Classic BBS E50's?