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  • Dustin Rittle

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    This is actually something very cool and i like it alot its a bit different then what over artist have been doing. I swear at first i almost didn't think it was a toy :D until further inspection. My fave shot would have to be the yellow VW beetle going through what looks like a little stream. It just gives the beetle a sort of ruggedness about it hehe even for a toy

  • Hi Dustin!! Thanks so much for the kind feedback! This one is also my fav, and the car is my 3rd oldest, had it with me when I was living in Ireland so got some cool shots with it there!

  • Erik de Vries

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    Well, that's cute and all.... But at least 50% of the credit should go to the people who made the little car models.

    from Cowichan Valley, BC, Canada
  • Hi Erik! Totally agree with you. I tried to get in touch with a place that I know produce them in Spain but they never got back to me :( They are now so many different factories that produce those kind of cars that it would be hard to find THE one person doing them, but you're right, 50% (or even more) of the success of the photo is in choosing the right car! I find them easily wherever I travel and I'm planning on learning how to make them myself ;)

  • Todd Cox

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    I truly love this artwork/photography. It is whimsical and beautiful and a touch haunting. It is childhood, it is fairytale and it is the mundane rolled into one very visually stunning image; it is quite interesting how it stirs so many emotions and ideas simultaneously. These would make an excellent calendar, and would work exceptionally well in a children's novel.

  • Hi Todd! Thank you for your kind comment! I have actually made Calendar's for the traveling cars and am currently working on a book :)

  • Kim's work is wonderfully Beautiful! I love that old cars and the backdrops. Great work Kim and thank you for sharing.


  • Guest (Russ Seuffert)

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    Kim, you have a wonderful gift for expressing yourself photographically. A marvelous talent. I look forward to seeing your future work.

    from New Jersey, USA