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  • rob latanville

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    I have to agree with Jim.Petrolicious......don't change a thing.

  • Darin Spyderdog

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    i really enjoy the videos on this site. to say we were hit like a baseball bat by the economic downturn and are still recovering would be a bit of an understatement. as a result im still being somewhat forced to sit on the sidelines of this hobby, and this site in particular sort of correctly captures the feeling of it that i miss so much, and it makes things a little easier. i understand what people are saying in regards to what they deem "missing" from the video segments, but i think they are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing (a lot of the articles on the other hand seem like they are starting to get a bit hijacked by pointlessness and self promotion however). either way, keep up the good work. i always look forward to tuesdays because of this site

  • Stefano Pasini

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    Petrolicious is GREAT. Thanks to everyone on this site for giving us all these pictures...the Goodwood Revival set was nothing short of awesome, and I would add that none of the big classic-cars mags (that cost us a few quid each issue) ever showed us pictures so inspiring as those we saw here. You want to show your 'purist' soul? Please, go ahead and make your own site. I'm involved in classic cars since 1977 and I find this site very, very special. All the best from Italy!
    Dr Stefano Pasini

  • Jim Valcarcel

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    Thank you Dr. Pasini,

    Some of the very best videos that Petrolicious produces are from Italy. The people, the roadways, the trees, and then the cars!

  • Rodney Wren

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    Again and Again you guys keep producing great videos. Love the video and music from the car and background. Bravo!

  • Ryan Storzbach

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    110 horsepower has never sounded better

  • Rolf Skala

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    Love the videos. For me I'm more interested in the visceral spark that ignites the initial passion, the human insights that define the "why" a particular vehicle is interesting to an individual. The form, the shape the history, music and emotions are entwined. As said previously, the material "what" can be easily found on other chat rooms or forums...my particular virus in Alfa's but I would not dream of subjecting my anorak catalogue of 60"s Alfa facts and figures to dilute a video. This is not the place for that and it's why Petrolicious is so enjoyable.

    Please keep up the great work!

  • Jason Hoogerbrug

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    Brilliant video and background music. Love the original car.

  • Pedro Oliveira

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    Another week and another fantastic video. Loved the content and the music, they merged very smooth.
    Please keep up the good work guys, it's truly inspirational!

  • Carl Lynn

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    One of the best Petrolicious videos to date, I love it. Great subject, great personality, great location, and a superb 911.