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  • Ryan Hoyle

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    Really cool video, good story of combining his interest of canyon carving on his board and in the car. That car looks really fun too, I wish I had those roads by me.

  • Ryan Hoyle

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    meh... clicked reply, not add comment...

  • Nick Bouffard

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    calm down man, different stokes for different folks.

    btw show me a video of you kickfliping a 15 set.

  • Arjen van Geffen

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    I never said I could haha, but he's the one who implied real skateboarding is boring
    And that's why I said I would like to see him do some actual tricks, I assume we both know skateboarding at a park
    when you can actually do tricks and progress to bigger shit on the street is exciting
    I dunno I'm not mad at all I just think it's lame for him to compare real skateboarding to downhill skateboarding..

  • Logan Tanner

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    Great video guys. This just keep getting better and better from a storytelling perspective. And this one wasn't too long. Feel like some of them have been unnecessarily long. Great work.

  • Tyler B

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    Cool video.

    I'm interested to see what next year is like when the '89 R32's are legal to import. Living close to Canada I feel like I'm going to start seeing a lot more of them.

    from Seattle, WA, USA
  • Andrew Adams

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    Recognize that bit of road anywhere, sure isn't in Canada! (20 second mark).

  • Matthew Lange

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    Curious is it illegal to drive a car registered in another country in the US? Surely a Canadian Citizen can drive into the US with their car if they are visiting on holiday?

  • Rip Curl

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    Canadians are allowed to drive their cars in the US on Canadian plates for up to 1 year before requiring importation. Technically you could register a car in Canada, bring it to the US, and as long as you crossed the border (even if it was for 5 mins) before crossing over the 1 year mark then returned it would be technically allowed. I know of someone with an 'un-named' car in the US who would do this and has never had an issue despite being looked into.

    Canada also has a cool law that allows anything 15 years or older to be totally exempt from any importation restrictions so long as the car passes a basic safety inspection. For this reason Skylines are pretty common along with other interesting imports from the rest of the world. Right hand drive is also allowed.

  • Guest (Hazel Perry)

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