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  • Guest (TJ Martin)


    Ahhh the cars from when Rallying was Rallying [ versus the mini sprints it has become ] Rally cars were as exotic if not more [ in the Group B era ] than F1 cars . Men were men not to mention genuine characters as well . With a mighty fine woman or two to boot . Great feature .. even better photos and well deserving of a full write up sometime in the future !

    Lake Garda . Classic rally cars . Some of the greatest drivers of the past . All that great food and wine . And no doubt a mighty fine ' view ' all the way around . Envy doesn't even come close

    from Denver, CO, USA
  • Dustin Rittle


    I have always been a huge fan of rally racers and i think i hit the mother lode when it comes to rally car pics. Almost every pic here can be made into a wallpaper but that very first pic of that Lancia. I think i need to change my skivvies and im blaming you Petrolicious :p