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  • Pawel Skrzypczynski


    Wow! Cool subject. I remember many of these cars from my childhood. My favourite one is the Volga (image) and the Lada (image). You can find some more shots of such cars and Polish ones from communist era on my site PESfoto.

  • Zak


    If anybody here watched the BBC Top Gear episode on soviet cars then you are probably laughing right now like I am. :D

  • Wolfgang Gullich


    I love Soviet-era cars. A lot of [amazingly] interesting and more than a few bad designs. The Czechs always seemed to do it right though with Tatra and Skoda. Both companies managed to put out attractive and reliable machines with decent performance under their Soviet overlords.

    As to the Zappo, it was a blatant copy of the NSU Prinz4 but had the coolness factor of its engine also being used as the started motor for the T-72 Main Battle Tank.

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  • Eddie Relvas


    As a diehard fan of the 124, I'd obviously plump for the Lada. I love the styling, simple and discreet yet quite functional and elegant. But I find the ZAZ endearing.
    In fact, I like the 124 series so much I've just bought a '68 Fiat 124 Familiare (the station wagon) for my collection. It will keep my 124 Spider company. Maybe someday I'll be able to add a Coupe to the fold again (I've had two in the past).

  • JB21


    Very interesting... Historically interesting at least. I've driven Volga whatever once, and that was one of the most unfortunate automotive experiences. They were flat out awful. In every which way. Still, the awfulness of the cars themselves aside, or because of it, it is a very interesting article indeed.