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  • Burt Munro

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    Perhaps English is not your primary language, or perhaps your phone does not do 'spell-check' all that well...

    Regardless, Renault did 100% *not* "invest" (sic), nor invent turbocharging. A Swiss named Buchi has the patent from 1879, and GE was turboing planes in 1919. As to remote central locking, well, Ford had keypads 2 years before the Fuego had a fob. Renault hardly "invented" it, but they were first to market.

    The R5 Maxi was the top-spec race edition based on the Turbo I, most of the Turbo I racecars were spec'd in the 200-240 HP range. The road-going cars were about 190HP. And they were Turbo IIs, not Turbo Is.

  • Chris Hill

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    The footage above of the 5's lapping Monaco is pure poetry!

  • Andrew Adamides

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    Love these - also well worth a watch is the car chase from the non-canon 1983 James Bond movie Never Say Never Again, where villainess Fatima Blush (Barbara Carrera) drives one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBn4Fd4YCo8

  • I saw this one in Monaco. Actually somebody else saw it, but it still nice that this man is still driving it every day..

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  • Leucea Alexandru

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    These are used as drag racing weapons in my country (and not only). This can be an astonishingly fast car if tuned properly. It's small, it's agile, it's lightweight. As good old Colin Chapman used to say. "Adding power makes you faster on the straights. Subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere" This was a perfectly balanced car from the beginning. One is demolishing this Mustang:

  • Terrence Dorsey

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    This is one of those rare cars that is actually larger than it looks. Which is a good thing, because they look so tiny. It's the w i d e hips, I think.

  • Andre C Hulstaert

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    I was fortunate enoiugh to drive one of these, a Turbo5 maxi in full rally trim lately in the French Vosges, a ball on these twisting mountain roads. . . I have a whole section on my site devoted to these "beast" http://www.hulstaertphoto.us/renault-r5-turbo-turbo5-maxi/ enjoy

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  • Andy Gondorf

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    "In what are perhaps the dying days of the internal combustion engine..."
    That phrase makes me feel like someone in the future has driven over my grave in a god-awful, account designed economy box.
    Please keep such wonderful retro fun machines as this 5 alive in the minds of todays drivers petrolicious.
    I love this site!
    Drive ( and ride ) tastefully indeed.

  • Josh Clason

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    We won't give in! We shall keep vintage cars alive.

  • Rip Curl

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    To me the R5 is still the coolest homologation special ever. The footage from the Monaco race was awesome and here is a pic of the back of the field as they used a Countach as a pace car! Only in Monte Carlo

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