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  • What a great article. This is the type of content I really like on this site.

    The Righini scrap yard reminds me of something I read either late last year or early this year. Apparently there was a prototype pre-war Alfa Romeo engine in a V-8 configuration found. An American collector bought the engine to put in a period correct Alfa chassis. Everyone thought the engine was seized and useless, but it turned out to be a piece of gravel stuck in the crankshaft. The gravel matched the rocks in the Righini yard so they knew it had to have come from there. The car and engine have been shown at several concours.

  • Yanick Kuper

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    Good stuff. Was it all look but don't touch, or did they give you guys the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of any vehicles? I'd be so tempted.

    I assume this was shot right after the 1000 Miglia? Will you guys be back this year?

  • Richard Diver

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    Anyone can visit the Righini Collection: www.righiniauto.it
    They sell cars and parts, too.
    Another YouTube vid (in Italian) on the collection thanks to Motor Valley:
    Watch them unload a new acquisition - an F1 Ferrari driven by Villeneuve.

  • Taras Odulak

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    That's a finished basement.... If that were my home, I think I would move downstairs.

  • Derek Jarman

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    Just added another stop on my trip to Italy . Can't wait to see this collection!

  • Andrew TheBoss

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    Don't miss www.museonicolis.com in Villafranca di Verona.
    This is one of my favorite museums.
    Inside you can find the really FIRST engine.
    Yes, the inventor of the first Engine was Italian, some months before the Germans.
    Don't miss near nicolis museum some vineries (like this http://www.bonazzivalpolicellawine.it/ita/photogallery.htm) and Borghetto di Vallegio sul Mincio..
    Don't hesitate to ask me more destinations.
    Take a look also on castellidelducato.it.

    Take more than a week to visit Italy. There is a lot to see... Ciao

  • Paul Varjak

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    What a great hidden treasure trove. Thanks.

    One thing though, why does Petrolicious seem to disable the back function on Firefox? Not a big deal; but odd.

  • Josh Clason

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    It shouldn't. We will take a look into it.

  • Paul Steel

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    Wow, what a collection, can't believe I didn't know about this, I feel another trip to Bologna coming, great food and cars :)

  • Jeff H

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    I tried to visit this collection a few years ago while in Maranello. There were no responses to my inquiries. I'm not sure why I felt I was important enough lol. I went to the Panini museum instead...