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  • Brodie Mills

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    At first, she had no idea what the deal was with my BMW obsession. But as my obsession has grown, she has warmed up to it and started falling in love with 2002 tii's which I completely support. She'll understand someday.

  • Greg Wells

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    You bet she does, as she knew exactly what she was getting into we got married 35 years ago. After all, I'd show up for dates in cars like a 1949 Cadillac sedanette or a 1964 T-Bird. Or arrange to tour her mother around Atlanta in a 1936 Rolls-Royce Phantom III limo. We traveled from our wedding to the reception in a 1930 Rolls-Royce Phantom I limo, too.

    The latest proof: "Honey, I have a friend who has an empty hotel bed at Daytona for the Rolex 24 Hours. Do you mind if I go?" "Heck no, dear. In fact, if you don't want to go, I'll go in your place."

    Gosh, I love this woman... LOL!

  • Adam Fairfax

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    My Wife gets it, pretends she's interested, but then when it comes time for a spin, she typically seems to find something else to do. Ok, so I bought my life long dream car a few years ago .. 85, 930 911 in as new condition. Car just sat there and when I asked her if she wanted to go for a run, she says; "it looks too fast and dangerous for me". She was 34 at the time, and OK so she was 6mths pregnant with our first child, BUT IT HAD BELTS !!!

    Then I bought a 2.7 Carrera (Euro Carrera for you folk) and aside from telling me; "its really classy" I only got her to go in it one time (the time I got it sideways in a fast corner). Yeah whatever.

    Now, i'm completing a nut and bolt restoration of a 71 240Z, which she tells me she really likes the look of, and that she 'will' drive it, however with the caveat of; "so long as its not really loud and smelly". Ummm think I should have thought twice about that 11:1 CR 8500rpm 250HP L25 race motor then !?!?!? The car is not quite finished, so i'll have to update you in time!

    In a word, she supports it, but stays well clear!

  • Adam Fairfax

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    Um, with respect Afshin, Kiki is just as pretty as that Alfa!

    Tell her I said so too! My Wife just saw this and loves that photo. Will see if we can't do something similar with the 2.7!

  • David Biren

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    My wife doesn't get it but she supports my sickness. I even found out that she secretly keeps notes on what I'm up to.

  • Jim Caldwell

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    Oh, she does. I taught her to drive my '63 Alfa Giulia Spider when we were dating 47 years ago. I'm now restoring (resto-mod, mechanically) that little jewel - and she continues to remind me that, while expensive, it's much cheaper than a girlfriend. Smart girl!!!

    from Iowa, USA
  • Paco HC

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    Mine sadly didn't, but alas, I'm now happily divorced...

  • Jason Wright

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    My girlfriend accepts my passion for cars and bikes and she is definitely more into it then she admits. I have been a Motorsport design engineer for over 15 years now with 9 years at the Benetton/Renault Formula One Team. I'm now living in Germany and working for Toyota Motorsport on the LMP1 car so it's fair to say that I bring my work home with me. Before we met I don't think she was very interested in 'old timers' but she loves my daily driver as much if not more than I do. I have a 1969 MGB GT with some engine and suspension modifications which is great fun to drive. When I recently mentioned trading it for a 911 her response was too colorful to print here!:o I'm lucky to have found such an understanding Frauline and as I write this 'we' are watching the F1 GP and waiting for the Moto GP from Texas to start!...................however I WILL get that 911 one day!

  • My most recent SO did. She loved vintage 911s and used to make regular trips to VIR with her dad. Shame it ended before we got to kart head-to-head.

  • Corran Helme

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    Until I bought an Alfa Romeo GTV Bertone in pristine condition, my other half was reluctantly understanding of my passion for cars. Since then, she enjoys our country drives almost as much as I do (well, she is only a passenger as she can't drive either), and she says she would not wish for me to sell it. I guess certain cars appeal to everyone and the GTV is such a car. Its beautiful, sounds sweet, and drives wonderfully.

    from London, UK