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  • Jon Tabor


    We still have a drive-in in our town, still owned by the same family that built it in the 50s. Honda recently ran a contest to help bring the drive-in into the 21st century, by letting people vote for the top drive-in theaters. The top 5 (I think it was) got new digital projectors. Of course, that's just part of the battle -- with a digital projector comes upgrades, including air conditioning in the projector booth, a computer to run the system, and possibly upgrades to the screen. One major benefit, aside from being able to screen modern movies distributed in digital-only format, is that the digital projector is actually brighter than the old film projector, which means they can start the movies a bit earlier in the evening. Great for those of us with kids.

    If you've not been to a drive-in, or not been in a while, now is the time. Be sure and visit the concession stand, because like most movie theaters, that's where they make their money. If you enjoy the drive-in, support them!

    from Oregon, USA
  • Todd Cox


    While on a cross-country trip with my youngest son (TX to VA) in my 1996 MX-5, we stopped for the night to visit with my sister who lives just outside Richmond, VA. That night we all went out for a movie at the Goochland Drive-In. It was the first time my son had ever been to a drive-in, and even better in a convertible under the warm, starry, VA skies. The owner is also a car buff, and has a gorgeous replica of Herbie, The Love Bug, adorned in the red, white, and blue stripes with the '53' meatball. What a great experience!

    There's something magical about a drive-in.

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  • Christopher Wilmot


    Surprisingly, Elko Speedway, the racetrack by my parents place, just opened up a drive in theater! It's immensely popular. Although, it might be more of the novelty instead of a true enjoyment for the drive in.

    from Minnesota, USA